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Beaute Studio SHISEIDO Personal B Color Diagnosis®

ボーテスタジオ SHISEIDOパーソナルBカラー診断®

[Reception for November 2023] Experience SHISEIDO's unique personal color diagnosis

Experience the Personal B Color Diagnosis® at Atre Ebisu's Shiseido specialty store BEAUTE STUDIO K-PORT! *

[ SHISEIDO's unique diagnosis What is Personal B Color Diagnosis® ?
We will diagnose the color that harmonizes with your natural skin tone, hair color, and eye color . By knowing your personal color, you can make the most of your individuality and make yourself look more attractive.

  • I want to know about makeup trends
  • I want to find a color that makes my personality shine
  • I want to experience Shiseido's top-of-the-line brand

Recommended for those who. We will help you achieve the makeup you want through diagnosis.

*"Personal B Color Diagnosis" is a registered trademark of Shiseido Co., Ltd.



Atre Ebisu Main Building 5th floor (directly connected to JR Ebisu Station)
5F, 1-5-5 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022

Atre Ebisu floor map

event date

You can choose one slot (30 minutes) within the dates and times below. The implementation time may vary depending on the situation.
  • 11/10 (Fri) 13:00/ 15:00/ 16:00
  • 11/13 (Mon) 13:00/ 15:00/ 16:00
  • 11/14 (Tue) 13:00/ 15:00/ 16:00
  • 11/17 (Fri) 12:00/ 13:00/ 14:00/ 15:00/ 16:00
  • 11/18 (Sat) 12:00/ 13:00/ 14:00/ 15:00/ 16:00
  • 11/27 (Monday) 13:00/ 14:00/ 15:00
  • 11/28 (Tue) 13:00/ 14:00

Entry fee

2,420 yen (tax included) *

Lastly, I would like to give you the following items.

  • Cré de Peau Beautail Luminator ( 1 set)

*We will refund your participation fee with this product.

way to participate

This service requires advance reservations. Please apply from the reservation site below.

Reservation start date: November 1st

Reservation page (external site)
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